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Medricbana Archituctural Office & Studio is an office about, Design & Construction, Art & Architecture Management, And Interior Design.

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Medricbana Archituctural Office & Studio is an office about, Design & Construction, Art & Architecture Management, And Interior Design.

Which was founded by Ms. Elina Alipour in Iran – Shiraz. And she is interested in pursuing her PhD in Chicago.

She holds a Master of Architecture – |M.Arch|degree.


Often architectural design is not given the weight it deserves regarding the positive impact it can have on a build project’s outcome and resultant value.


There are key considerations that we consider at base Architects as an architectural design company. Your brief is primary and is a cornerstone document that directly affects every decision that is made regarding the design.

Our Speciality Services

Design Constraints and Optimization

Effective design constraint requires design analysis and restraint to develop and maintain the correct constraint balance. Over-constraining a design will cause the tools to work harder to resolve conflicting or unreasonable requirements with limited resources. Design over-constraint can occur in several different ways.

Constraction Works

What a contractor has undertaken to provide or do for a promoter (client) - consisting of the work to be carried out, goods, materials and services to be supplied, and the liabilities, obligations and risks to be taken by that contractor. It may not be all of the project, depending on what is specified in a contract.

House Renovation

Judging by the popular shows on DIY Network and HGTV, it takes approximately 24 minutes to renovate a house. Everyone knows this is not true, but this style of fast-shot remodeling presided over by glib hosts takes away from the core notion that home renovation is complex and difficult.


Our Experience

Unlike many other skills or professions such as Medical,Salesmanship, nursing and etc, the Engineering and  interior design industry is one of the most creative and artistic profession with unlimited potential and opportunities. Engineers can be creative and artistic while making a pretty good living doing it.

One of the benefit being an Interior Designer is that you get to run your own interior design business and have your own clients. Most Interior Designers started out working for a company while freelancing on the side but we work for own company so for us  the Engineering is  turned into a full time design business.

Interior designe
Constructions & planning


Customer's Feedback

Working with your team gave us a good experience
Jara Malik
Did you emigrate?I hope you will soon accompany us in the company's new building project.
Mr, zamiri
Your team are very tidy, good-natured, creative and hard-working

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